WhipTopper™ Fresh Whipped Cream

Top this! Our most exciting new product – EIEIO fresh whipped cream topping, is delicious, in-demand and a must for your customers. We offer two versions: a Dairy whip topping- made from real farm fresh, Grade A dairy cream and a tasty Non-Dairy option. Every major food and coffee chain now offers whipped topping for beverages and desserts, as customization is a key ingredient in attracting and keeping today’s savvy customers.

Our fresh whipped cream is aseptically packaged, shelf-stable and easy to load into the WhipTopper machine. Within minutes your customers will be enjoying fresh – not frozen – and luscious whipped cream on their drinks or desserts. EIEIO’s WhipTopper program also provides the lowest cost per serving for this product in the industry.

With our WhipTopper Express program, you can delight your customers with tantalizing add-on toppings. They will enjoy customizing their beverages and desserts, and you will enjoy the benefits of their repeat business!

EIEIO Whipped Topping: