EIEIO Bulk Creamers:

Dairy – Half & Half, Whole Milk
Non-Dairy – Hazelnut Non-Dairy, French Vanilla Non-Dairy

The cream of the crop. EIEIO’s aseptically packaged, bag-in-box real dairy and non-dairy creamer products are the finest in the industry. They are shelf-stable for up to six months before opening, with no refrigeration required during shipping or storage.

Our creamer products are made for use in bulk dispensing systems – an alternative to single portion cups that also help reduce pilferage, clutter, and waste. When you choose EIEIO creamers for your business, you’re providing your customers with delicious, safely processed and packaged products that are also beneficial to your bottom line.

Almost all of EIEIO’s products are kosher-certified. Please contact us for more information.



French Vanilla